Big Doggy
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Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Smelly One
Birthplace: Doggyland
Species: Sentient Dog
Gender: Male
Weight: 50 kilograms
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Posting: Doggyland (formerly)

The Secret Tunnels (formerly)

Position: Founding Father
Rank: Grand Admiral
Brother(s): Cyber Doggy (soul remnant)
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Elite Blaster
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Chain Gun
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Cape and Truncheon
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): Third Era: The Fall of the Doggy Club

The War

Affiliations: The Doggy Club, The Elite Squadron
Allies: Scruffy, Uni (formerly), Who-Ever-He-Is
Enemies: Cyber Doggy, Neon Doggy, Copper Doggy, The Editor

Big Doggy is a dog that appeared in The Doggy Club TV Series & Comic Series. He was lazy & selfish towards the beginning, but slowly started to become nicer to the other characters. After a few years, he was kindapped along with other Doggy Club members in a hundred year plot to destabilise Doggyland. During this time, he made his way to The Secret Tunnels where he assisted a group that would become The Founding Fathers of The Elite Squadron. Having asked them to return to Doggyland to defeat the newly-discovered Dark Horde, he participated in the following war. He was killed in an atom blast by The Editor in Series 10.


The Doggy ClubEdit

He was adopted by Who-Ever-He-Is along with a few other dogs during the rebuilding of the Doggy Club. He quickly became known as an unintentional troublemaker and a glutton who indulged his appetites. (The Doggy Club: Season 1, Episode 2, et al.)

About a year later, his body was fused to the spirit of Cyber Doggy. This gace the latter control of Big Doggy's body on and off for a few months until he was ousted. (T.V: The Doggy Club: Season Three: The Inverse Brothers Problem) A new entity was created from the Dark Energied. (The Doggy Club: Season Four: Constipex the Shadow D's Crusades)

Personality and DescriptionEdit

Big Doggy had short, light-brown hair. He had a love of food and reguarly indulged himself. He often annoyed other member of the Doggy Club (and later, The Elite Squadron). Much of his transgressions were down to his regular habit of stealing food from the Club kitchens.

Equipment and VehiclesEdit

Big Dogyy's main piece of equipment was his grappling hook. This was modified later with an attack function during the fight against Neon Doggy.


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