Vital statistics
Title Founding Father, Council of Gaineamh,Rusultru Covenant
Gender Male
Race Blob
Faction The Elite Squadron
Health Deceased
Level Level 75
Status Deceased
Location Unknown

Blobby was one of the Founding Fathers, and a contributor to the Green Doors. His was the Puzzled with Blobby puzzles page. He helped found the Elite Squadron in the year leading up to the war, and later


He was first seen contributing to the Puzzled with Blobby section of The Green Doors Magazine, before transfering over to a sister publication. He was was drafted into founding the Elite Squadron by Ronok when he met the latter in the Secret Tunnels.


Blobby in the Green Doors Offices

He was killed by Robert Crassis and Scarlet Davenport, two members of a collective known as the Justiciars who sought to expose the treachery of the Founding Fathers, the Council of Gaineamh and other covenants.


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