Dáire's Headquarters was one of the most advanced buildings of it's time. It was near-inpenetrable & served Dáire's Posse from the time it was constructed up until it's destruction.

Dáire's Headquarters
Three Kings Hotel
Vital statistics
Type: Mini-Skyscraper
Location: The Unnamed Planet
Inhabitants: Dáire, Mark, Dáire's Posse
Teleport Coordinates: 1:0032:1:439-522
Chronological & Political Information
Date Founded: circa 3E 106
Affiliation: Dáire's Posse
Ruling Body: Dáire
Era(s): 3E
Geographical Information:


It was created to serve as a base for Dáire's deputations & missions. He also reclined in it in times of peace. 10 people were employed to execute the running of the building.


It originally was built by Kuat Drive Yards in three storeys but it was expanded over time. 


Rooms included: The Mission Control Room, The Computer Room, Dáire's Penthouse & many more.


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