Vital statistics
Type: Continent
Inhabitants: All species; Dogs and Humans mainly.
Chronological & Political Information
Date Discovered: circa 2E 0 (D.T)

circa 500 BDLF (D.L.T)

Date Founded: circa 3E 0 (D.T)

circa 0 ADLF (D.L.T)

Affiliation: The Doggy Commissioners,
Ruling Body: The Doggy Club (briefly)

The Doggy Commissioners

The Dark Horde

Era(s): 2nd, 3rd, 4th Eras
Geographical Information:
Climate: Temperate; featuring tropics, forests, tundras and deserts.
Average Temperature: 5 - 20 Degrees Celsius
Geographical Features: Doggyland Forest, The Wasteland
Length of Day: 24 hours

Doggyland (known as Dogeyland in the times of its First President and Corté to its first inhabitants) was a country inhabited by sentient dogs.


Doggyland was first discovered when an ark containing dogs and human babies crashed into the country. Centuries passed and the babies forgot their heritage. The dogs were given chips that granted them intelligence and speech. (It is believed that Scruffy is a direct descendant of the first dog that received the technology.

To Be Continued


Much of Doggylandts, comprises of a variety of biomes; deserts, forests, prairies and snowy tundras.