Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Lavaman 2.0
Species: Lavonium
Gender: Male
Birthdate: Before 3E 94
Height: Various
Weight: 113 kg
Eye Color: Red
Position: Leader (Lavaman's brigands)
Rank: Major (The Dark Horde)
Personal Weapons Systems
Primary Projectile Weapons: Lava Blaster
Particle Beam Weapons: Lavs Sword
Primary Heavy Weapons systems: Lava Cannon
Energy Manipulation: Fire and Molten Magma elements
Cybernetic Systems: Protective Case, Bionic Suit
Combat Gear/Armor/Uniform: Sometimes equipped metallic armour and weapons
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): 3E - 4E
Affiliations: The Editor
Allies: Stomper the Stomp, Electroman
Enemies: Dáire, The Elite Squadron

Lavaman was a Lavonium, a creature made of lava, a reccurring enemy of Dáire's Army and later a member of The Dark Horde. Due to the nature of his species, he was virtually indistrucitble. His only known weakness was Ice.


Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known about his early life but he first began terrorising sectors around 3E 94. He stole from several banks before the local navy took serious notice of him and attempted to bring him to justice. (COmic: Rogues Gallery 1)

The Dáire AdventuresEdit

Not too long after Dáire began his mercenary service, Lavaman attacked the city. Although Dáire had hitherto demanded a fee for his services, he began to question his ethics and ordered his troops to attack. Lavaman was overwhelmed and pushed back. (Comic: The Dáire Adventures 4)

He would become one of Dáire's most persistent enemies over the coming years and beyond.

Description and PersonalityEdit

Lavaman could form himself into any molten form he wished; this included projectile weapons such as firing Lava out of a cannon. He could summon Lava Minion and Flingers by melting matter such as rocks; similarly he could absorb them to become more powerful. This suggested they were in some form an extension of himself.

Lavaman seemed very confident in himself - he reguarly insulted Dáire and bosted of his own abilities. He only rarely defeated Dáire; in those occasions, Dáire was at a severe diadvantage or mentally unstable.


  • Lavonium once ruled over vast amounts of Deryllium. However, along with other ancient species, they were driven to near-extinction.