was a mercenary & ruffian, working to sabotage all of Dáire's plans. He was later revealed to be Dáire's brother. He worked with the Pirate Ruffian, Cloudman & the Me too Guy.


Early LifeEdit

When he very young, he met a man who offered him the chance to be able to defeat his brother. While the man taught him the Dark Ways, he became more and more evil.

The Dáire AdventuresEdit

In his first appearances, he tried to destroy Dáire and his work, but failed.


He was evil & ruthless & went to great lengths to achieve his tasks.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

He was extremely acrobatic & athletic. By utilising the Dark Ways, he had near-unlimited resources. As such, he posed a major threat to Dáire and almost overthrew him.


He utilized jet-packs, a weapons cache, a Dimensia Cape, a surveillance hacker, Power Gun & Force Field.


He had boats, cars, & spaceships.


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