Max's Speedboat was a very fast speedboat owned by Max, who won it in a race.


The speedboat was dark blue, 5 metres long by 2.5 metres wide. Its engine provided 762 Dogpower (graduated in Doggyland units) and its top speed was 68 knots. It was very sleek. The interior consisted of three rooms: the cockpit, the living quarters and the bathroom. It could accommodate four people: the Captain, his Navigator and his two gunner guys (gunnery officers). The rooms were fitted with leather upholstery.


The boat had only one heavy machine gun, mounted on the very top, leaving it vulnerable to attack. The gunner guys opened up panels on either sides of the speedboat, providing support with their own weaponry. They could also extend a small platform our of their panels, used as a docking board or as a gun emplacement.