The Dagger with blade sheathed and extended


Ronok's Custom Dagger was a weapon used by Ronok before and during the War. It was a heavily-modified spring-action knife with a number of extra features. It was destroyed a bumber of times, but Ronok rebuilt it with more add-ons.


The dagger had a sleek, streamlined, coloured in matching silver and black. A press of a button extended the blade. A comms aerial could be extended from the side, which worked in conjunction with Ronok's Watch.


The dagger was equipped with gyroscopic sensors that allowed it to spin throughout the air at enemies. Further mods fitted it with a tracking and homing system: it couldtarget enemies and attack or relay this information to the watch. It could also connect a live feed to the watch, allowing Ronok to monitor the battlefield from above. It could return to him by a press of a button on the watch. The two worked best in conjunction with each other.