The Scruffy Wagon was a wehicle invented by Scruffy with the purpose of scouting & espionage. It was stolen by Big Doggy so many times that Scruffy eventually built another one and let Big Doggy inherit the original. There were Four Incarnations of the Scruffy Wagon in total.


The Doggy ClubEdit

Scruffy used this wagon to get around Doggyland faster as part of his ambassadorial duties. He had the assisstance of Baby in building the cloaking systems. It was often stored in the Doggy Club's Garage of Loading Bays.


It looked almost like a child's go-kart but had a roof over it, with weapons, sensors and walls surrounding it.


  • It first appeared in a short series of episodes about a travelling family which is currently not covered by this wiki (But will be in the future).