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Featured Character

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Scruffy was a main character who appeared in The Doggy Club. He was very pragmatic & liked organizing. He was presumed to have been killed in Season 10 when the old archive was blown up. However, it was actually a clever lie designed to convince The Doggy Commissioners that he was dead so as to escape their persecution. He underwent a twenty year quest to liberate Doggyland, followed by almost thirty-five years of exile after he realised he couldn't manage it alone. He became keeper of the Doggy Club archive during this time. His legacy along with that of the Doggy Club was preserved in the hope that in the future someone would free Doggyland.


Featured Location

DoggyLand Dome 1
Doggyland Dome—

The Dome was an initiative launched by Doggyland government after a Copper Doggy attack. It is a hypercity contained within an impenetrable hemisphere. It was built over the course of [[Season 7 of The Doggy Club|season 7.