The Dome
DoggyLand Dome 1
Vital statistics
Type: Hypercity
Location: Central Doggyland
Inhabitants: All species; Dogs and Humans mainly.
Chronological & Political Information
Date Founded: circa 3E 107 (D.T)

circa 107 ADLF (D.L.T)

Affiliation: The Doggy Commissioners
Ruling Body: The Doggy Club (briefly)

The Doggy Commissioners

The Dark Horde

Era(s): 3rd, 4th Eras
Geographical Information:
Climate: Urban with manufactured biome
Average Temperature: 5 - 20 Degrees Celsius
Geographical Features: Doggy Commissioners Tower, Government Buildings
Length of Day: 24 hours

The Dome (Also known as Doggy Land Dome) is a hypercity built in the middle of Doggyland to house all of the cities of the country. The New Doggy Club is located here. Work began in [[Season 8] & lasted for a few months. During the Civil War, the Dome was taken over by the Imperials. It is currently a headquarters for the Imperials military might.


The Dome was constructed after Copper Doggy launched a major attack on all fronts in Doggyland. The attack devastated the country, so the government decided to move every major city into one hypercity. It took approx. 5 months to build, & it's defenses were tested quickly when The Civil War broke out.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It is indestructible from the outside.