The Founding Fathers  were the founders of the Elite Squadron. They were led by Ronok who united them. Each was also a Grand Admiral in the Grand Army.


Main MembersEdit

These seven people were destined to defeat the Editor.


The Grandmaster was the one who founded the Elite Squadron in the Secret Tunnels He came from a universe that considered Deryllium fiction.


The protagonist of the Dáire Adventures was second-in-command as well as being in charge an impressive fleet & army.

John McGeeEdit

Although he was slightly eccentric, he was in charge of Logistics & the running of the Squad.



Pants ManEdit



The puzzler was in charge of the technical aspect of the squad as well as the finance & propaganda department.

Big DoggyEdit

He was in charge of espionage.

Associate MembersEdit

These were people from minor areas of Deryllium that Conor believed should carry out some task.


Over the course of the War, many people became disillusioned with the Founding Fathers, including the Justiciars, who decided to publicly disgrace and impeach them. Blobby and Rosalin were already dead/imprisoned at this stage.