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The Secret Tunnels
Secret tunnel
Vital statistics
Type: Underground Tunnel System
Inhabitants: Many species, including Humans
Chronological & Political Information
Date Founded: 1E (D.T)

circa 2000 BDLF (D..L.T)

Affiliation: The Central Government
Ruling Body: The Central Tunnels Corp (briefly)

The Doggy Commissioners

The Dark Horde

Era(s): 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Eras
Geographical Information:
Climate: Urban and Chilly
Average Temperature: 0 - 20 Degrees Celsius
Geographical Features: Andrew's Factory, The Happy House
Length of Day: 24 hours

The Secret Tunnels  were an underground network of first medieval crypts, but later, ultra-modern cities & places of commerce. They were the location of the formation of the Elite Squadron.


The original tunnels were reminiscent of a medieval stone tunnel, with modern additions built-on later. The modern sections (by-far the largest) were built by a Shadowy Agency who were secretly aligned with The Dark Horde.


There were many places within the tunnels:

Original SectionEdit

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  • Gremlins
  • Dummies
  • Humans